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Crochet circle purse ( Written pattern & tutorial )

Here’s a unique little crochet circle purse design for you guys. It works best with t shirt yarn, which seems to be getting very popular.

No size adjustments necessary for this one. The only hardware you will need is the chain and the zipper. I’ve included affiliate links for the hardware and materials.

I think it’s a cute little design you will enjoy. If you’d like the printable PDF version, it’s available on my Etsy shop here.

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial or if you have any questions in the comments or on my social media. Thanks for watching 🙂

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Stitches used &code

  • ch = chain
  • st= stitch(es)
  • sc = single crochet
  • csc = center single crochet *crochet into between the lags of the single crochet stitch in the previous row
  • rep = repeat
  • sp = space

Notes: We will make two pieces round, both sides identical to be joined together later.

Gauge unblocked: 9 sc x 9 rows = 4″

Measurements:  About 8 inches wide by 8 inches length with a diameter ( 22 inches circumference )

Video Tutorial for this crochet circle purse 👇🏻

Here’s the video tutorial how to make the lining for your crochet circle purse👇🏻

Circle purse pattern

Round 1 : Make a magic ring, 6 sc into ring sp. Total of 6 st

Round 2 : 2 csc into each st around. Total of 12 st

Round 3 : *2 csc, 1 csc*, rep from * to * till the end. Total of 18 st

Round 4 : *1 csc in to each of next 2 st, 2 csc*, rep from * to * till the end. Total of 24 st

Round 5 : *2 csc, 1 csc into each of next 3 st*, rep from * to * till the end Total of 30 st

Round 6 : 1 csc into each of next 2 st, *2 csc, 1 csc into each of next 4 st*, rep from * to * till you have 3 st left, 2 csc, 1 csc , 1 csc. Total of 36 st

Round 7 : 1 csc into each of next 4 st, *2 csc, 1 csc into each of next 5 st*, rep from * to * till you have 2 st left, 2 csc, 1 csc. Total of 42 st

Round 8 : *1 csc into each of next 6 st, 2 csc *, rep from * to * till the end. Total of 48 st

Round 9 – Round 12 : 1 csc into each st around. Total of 48 st

The end of round 12 cut the yarn and weave the end.* just on one piece of the bag. You don’t need to cut the yarn on the other piece because we will use the yarn to join the two sides.

Join the bag together

You can use any method you prefer, I used a flat slip stitch join. You can also use a yarn needle to join the pieces together. I joined 28 stitches together, leaving 20 stitches open for the zipper opening. See the picture below for the flat slip stitch join.

This is how I flat slip stitched the pieces, just follow this process until you have 28 flat slip stitches joined.

Congratulations on your new bag! Thanks for letting me walk you through this cute little crochet circle purse.


  • Sofie
    October 6, 2020 at 7:01 am

    I love it. Thank you so much

  • Knitcroaddict
    October 7, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    You’re welcome, thank you!

  • Annette S.
    October 9, 2020 at 1:22 am

    I am confused at the very beginning, starting with rows 3,4,5… the instructions don’t add up to me. I have had to redo the rows a few times. The beginning stitch moves quite a bit from the actual beginning as I move the marker to keep in stitch with your directions. For example, putting 3 stitches into 4 stitches without skipping a stitch makes it not add up to your final stitch count at the end of the row. I had more stitches trying to understand the written pattern. Guess I’ll go back to the video and try it that way.

  • Knitcroaddict
    October 17, 2020 at 5:08 pm

    Hi Annette, yes, try to go back and watch the video again and take your time, you’re probably just missing something small. Good luck!

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