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Crochet Drawstring Pom Pom Bag

It’s getting close to the holidays, and you know what that means? Trick or treating, big family meals together and sharing gifts with loved ones. I don’t think this Crochet Drawstring Pom Pom bag will help you with your post turkey coma, but it can help with the trick or treating and the gifting. It’s …


Crochet coin purse

Hello knitcroaddicts! It’s been a busy week here in the US celebrating the 4th of July. The time crunch means it’s a good time to get creative with this weeks project. The good news for you is this project only takes about an hour to make. If you’re new to crocheting or if you don’t …


Crochet Backpack

This is a design I’ve been making for several years. It used to be one of my favorites to make, but I ended up making a lot of them for customers and just got a little burned out on making them. My husband loves them and has been telling me to make a tutorial. I …