Someone asked for another purse tutorial and I’m more than happy to oblige 🙂 These are where I was introduced to crochet, I’ve put years into designing and making them.

It’s not an easy project, but it’s so rewarding when it’s done. You can have a one of a kind crochet purse, customized just the way you like it, if you’re willing to do the hard stuff, like sewing the lining and the frame.

Hope you enjoy, I’d love to see your bags when they’re finished. Just @ me on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll gladly share your beautiful work!

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For this purse you can used any kind of yarn you like, but I recommend the yarn that I used or look for a stiffer yarn. Nylon is easier to work with but a good stiff cotton etc is good for handbags as well.

Materials you will need for this project